27 – Live from Luxembourg

Here we are with episode 27 of The TechBox. A podcast hosted by David Rich, Richard Yates, James Honeyball Andy Hagon and Rich Fletcher.

Released every two weeks the panel of tech enthusiasts are joined by our globetrotting guest correspondents to discuss the latest tech goodness. With a special drop in from Mayuri.

In this episode Richard has a chat with James and they discuss the following:

  • iPhone Xs to Max!
  • iPhone upgrade programme
  • Mayuri’s Nokia 7 Plus
  • Note 9 news
  • Quest for the ultimate LG G6

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Hope you enjoyed the show. See you in Episode 28.

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  1. Have to agree with James (also being a bit of an LG fanboi) the LG UI is a step below Samsung in the annoyance stakes. Also I also agree that I weirdly love my V30 more that the my G7 and I can’t explain this. The G7’s size is more optimal than the V30, it has newer specs, arguably a better screen etc however the software is slightly different to it’s detriment and it has the dreaded notch so maybe that is it. Finally yes the G6 is still a gorgeous phone, still regret selling mine but I never encountered the Oreo standby drain that James is experiencing…weird.

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